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About James Ron

An experienced academic, James Ron has professional focuses ranging from workplace culture and corporate social responsibility to local civic advocacy and basic human rights. Over the course of his career, James Ron has instructed students as an assistant professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins University, a tenured associated professor of sociology at McGill University, a tenured associate professor of international public affairs at Carleton University, and a tenured professor of public affairs at the University of Minnesota.

James Ron currently serves dual roles as an editor of Open Global Rights and a consultant with Life for a Child. Since cofounding the human rights-related publishing entity Open Global Rights in 2013, he has promoted important human rights initiatives and covered human rights issues in 22 languages. Dr. Ron’s consulting work with the global type 1 diabetes charity Life for a Child dates back over a decade, and includes key partnerships with the Mexico Diabetes Association and the Lilly Endowment.

Human rights advocacy is, unfortunately, a necessary part of world health and political engagement on the world stage. James Ron has dedicated much of his life to the fight against state violence. He has worked in the field since his undergraduate studies, and he went on to earn his PhD and study the sociological effects of state violence. He continues to be committed to the fight against human rights abuses, and has worked extensively with the Human Rights Watch.